2011 SMB Economic & Advertising Outlook Report Available

Do you know what the small and medium sized business owner’s outlook of the economy is over the next twelve months? Or what they plan to do with their marketing budgets? Where they are cutting back spend? Or increasing it?
Thrive Analytics has just released a report that  provides insights to these questions and more.
2011 SMB Economic & Advertising Outlook
This report examines results from seven different studies conducted on small and medium sized businesses over the past 6 months. In total, over 5,000 SMBs gave their outlook on the economy over the next twelve months. They identify how the economy has impacted their marketing budgets for 2011 and detail where they will spend advertising dollars in 2011. This report includes multiple charts that are easy to understand and use.
Below are some titles of charts provided in this report.
Figure 1- Comparative SMB Outlook: U.S. Economy the Next 12 Months 
Figure 2- Comparative SMB Outlook- Sales Expectations the Next 12 Months 
Figure 3- Comparative SMB Outlook: 2011 Advertising and Marketing Budget Changes 
Figure 4- Comparative Estimates: Average Media Channels Used By SMBs 
Figure 8- Thrive Analytics: 2011 SMB Planned Change in Media Spend 
Figure 9- Thrive Analytics: Top Areas SMBs Are Planning to Increase Investments 
Figure 10- Thrive Analytics: Top Areas SMBs Are Planning to Reduce Investments  
It’s all here in one shot. All the legwork’s been done.
Get your copy today HERE.

Jason Peaslee

Jason Peaslee is the Managing Partner of Thrive Analytics, a marketing research and analytics consulting firm. His career spans more than 20 years in marketing, advertising, product development, research, and business management. Before founding Thrive Analytics in 2010, he held several senior leadership roles at AT&T, Reynolds & Reynolds, Berry Network, & The Berry Company.

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