Social Media is a Key Marketing Component for SMBs

According to our recent small business survey, conducted on 1,105 small businesses in January 2015, 74% of small businesses use some form of social media in their marketing efforts. Most use Facebook (66%), followed by Twitter (30%) and Linkedin (28%).


SMB Social Media



When asked what they wanted to get out of social media, small business owners stated they wanted to generate leads (70%), build brand awareness (53%) and engage their customers (50%).


2015 SMB Marketing Budgets


While many small business owners have come to view their Facebook page as a source of free or nearly free advertising, over a third of small businesses are increasing their budgets over the next twelve months by 15%-20% because they view it as an extremely effective channel.


This is in part due to the increased role social media plays during the purchase process. Today consumers are much more likely to take referrals and reviews from people they know and trust, which can be found on social media. In fact, according to one of our recent consumer studies over 70% have used social media to help make a purchase decision.


Social Media Usage While Shopping


This is good news for marketers and shows that engaging with your current customers and maintaining a strong social relationship with them will draw their friends to your business, increasing the potential for you to gain new customers.







Jason Peaslee

Jason Peaslee is the Managing Partner of Thrive Analytics, a marketing research and analytics consulting firm. His career spans more than 20 years in marketing, advertising, product development, research, and business management. Before founding Thrive Analytics in 2010, he held several senior leadership roles at AT&T, Reynolds & Reynolds, Berry Network, & The Berry Company.

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