SMB Marketers Aren’t Putting All of Their Eggs into One Basket

In a world where advertising technology is evolving on a daily basis with seemingly limitless options, it may seem as if small business (SMB) marketers would likely choose a single marketing vendor to meet their business needs as a ‘One Stop Shop’ for utility and ease. This is not the case. According to our most recent Local Pulse Survey™, almost half of SMBs would prefer to use multiple vendors that have expertise in specific areas. This is especially true for larger businesses that spend more dollars on marketing efforts.

New findings from a survey conducted by Campaign Monitor and Market Cube show similar findings. According to their study, SMB marketers prefer to utilize a host of services and technology tools from a variety of vendors to build their own “stack” rather than using just one vendor. The survey cites flexibility to buy exactly what is needed as the top criteria (63% of respondents) when it comes to choosing a marketing stack.





Building a mixed bag of solutions allows SMB marketers the ability to pick and choose the right technology for the right job within a variety of budgets; all factors ranking high in importance according to the survey. Eighty percent (80%) of SMB marketers said they are using best-of-breed marketing tactics over relying on a single vendor within their organizations indicating a true preference.

SMB’s that use one vendor indicate that it may be more problematic than effective. More than half of the respondents feel that single vendor services require too much consultative and development work. Still another 42% cited lack of flexibility to choose the right technology and tools to fit their needs as a problem with single vendor services.

With all of the options available to SMB marketers in a very crowded and ever-changing advertising landscape, this survey indicates that their choice is clear: the more baskets, the better.



Jason Peaslee

Jason Peaslee is the Managing Partner of Thrive Analytics, a marketing research and analytics consulting firm. His career spans more than 20 years in marketing, advertising, product development, research, and business management. Before founding Thrive Analytics in 2010, he held several senior leadership roles at AT&T, Reynolds & Reynolds, Berry Network, & The Berry Company.

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