Consumers Seeking Local Information Want The Basics

We recently completed a survey on how consumers search for information on local businesses and products/services. While all the results and reports won’t be finalized for a few weeks, I though I would share the following-  Results drawn from over 2,000 adults shows when conducting online searches for local businesses and products/services consumers want the basics. Specifically, consumers want to:


  • Validate that the business is nearby, open, and easy to contact. When we asked consumers what was important to them when searching for local information, the distance of the service from them was the No. 1 response, with 72% of respondents selecting that option; 35% said they wanted to see the listings on a map. Convenient hours was second on the list with 67% and easy access to contact information was high on the list with 56%. Roughly, four in 10 respondents said it was important to see whether the company or service had a Web site — something as simple as showing the URL of the business can help boost consumer confidence in the search results.


Source: Thrive Analytics, 2013 Local Search & Advertising Study; Base: 2,004 adults (multiple responses allowed)
Source: Thrive Analytics, 2013 Local Search & Advertising Study; Base: 2,004 adults (multiple responses allowed)


  • Get Discounts. This is great news for publishers and advertisers: 55% of respondents said they wanted to see discounts and promotional offers in local search results. Sites like have been doing this for some time with coupons incorporated into their listings and sponsored links.


  • See what others think about the business. Consumers want to know what other people, even those they don’t know, think about the company or service. 68% of respondents said it’s important to see ratings and reviews in local search results. 34% wanted to see referrals from people they know.


Be sure to check back periodically as I will post additional information as it becomes available.




Jason Peaslee

Jason Peaslee is the Managing Partner of Thrive Analytics, a marketing research and analytics consulting firm. His career spans more than 20 years in marketing, advertising, product development, research, and business management. Before founding Thrive Analytics in 2010, he held several senior leadership roles at AT&T, Reynolds & Reynolds, Berry Network, & The Berry Company.

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