Thrive Analytics is a leading digital marketing research and customer engagement consulting firm. With clients spanning leading national brands as well as publishers and agencies serving the small business community, we pair proprietary market research services and data analytics tools with time-tested business insights and methodologies to help organizations measurably improve customer experience, loyalty and sales results.

Thrive Analytics’ primary areas of focus include:

  • Research- Thrive Analytics is a full-service research firm having access to a series of online panels reaching over 15 million people in 50 countries (4 million in the US) and 40,000 small and medium-sized businesses in the United States. In addition to conducting proprietary studies on behalf of our clients, we conduct our own syndicated studies on consumers and small businesses. These studies are updated at least 2 times per year and track local search behaviors, mobile usage, digital payments, path to purchase behaviors, offline and online transactions, media for spending trends, technology adoption, issues with local marketing service providers, and much more. The results of these studies are published in reports, sales aids, white papers, infographics, marketing content and other materials for clients.
  • Data Analytics- Thrive Analytics has built its reputation as one of the leading data-driven knowledge and insights companies. Our expertise lies in understanding buying behaviors and uncovering media influences using a variety of research and data approaches. We offer a range of services to companies including loyalty analytics, product concept testing, media usage tracking, campaign analytics, customer lifetime value analysis, customer prioritization, social media analytics, and more. The knowledge and insights we glean from data are presented in easy to understand dashboards and presentations helping agencies, brands and publishers to quickly take advantage of that knowledge.

  • Loyalty Management- Being a firm believer in building customer loyalty, Thrive Analytics has built a series of services around Loyalty Management. We help companies develop and deploy customer engagement systems to improve productivity, competitiveness, and profitability.

  • Program Management Thrive Analytics understands the resource constraints some organizations might be experiencing. We provide outsourced services for short-term marketing projects, new marketing campaigns, new product launches and new go-to-market sales strategies. Our services reduce your costs and overhead while improving efficiency and time to market - all while delivering superior marketing results.

  • Advisory Services- Thrive Analytics offers a series of advisory services to help small businesses, agencies, and publishers understand how to effectively harness the power of digital technology and media to meet their business objectives in this dynamic and rapidly-evolving marketplace. We provide insight and research on a number of topics critical to key constituencies in the marketing and media industries.